School of Discipleship

A year of investing in the foundation of your faith. Because God is more preoccupied with what He can give you, rather than receive from you.

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School of Worship

A year of investing into the foundation of your faith, with an emphasis on your gifts in worship and music.

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 School of Healing

Learn more about healing and God’s supernatural intervention with people in pain.

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School of Prophecy

A year of investing in the foundation of your faith, with an emphasis to grow in the prophetic.

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Our most important characteristic as church and as followers of Jesus, is that God is with and amongst us. Faith in God is to us more than theory, more than a way of looking at reality and more than feelings. We believe that God is a person, living and actively present in our world – and that we can meet him. That’s why we spend loads of time together reading the Bible, praying, praising and worshiping him, so that we can learn to know him more.


God created Adam and said it wasn’t good for him to be alone. Jesus prayed that we would be as one. We believe that church was meant to be far more than an organization. The Bible talks of followers as brothers and sisters – a family. That’s why house churches, honest lives and generosity towards each other is important to us.


When we meet God as he is, we don’t leave unchanged. His goodness leaves an impression, it marks and changes us. We believe that as church and followers of Jesus we have a calling to pass forward the goodness we ourselves have received. That’s why we highly value acts of practical kindness, God’s power done visible through signs and wonders, and the gospel conveyed in word. This is not something that lies forcefully upon us, but is simply a fruit of being loved ourselves.


In the spring there will under normal circumstances be a team period of about four weeks – a highlight for many of the students. The different courses of subject each have their very special program which culminates much of what we have learned during the year.

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