International students

You are welcome to come join our School from all around the world to invest a full year in building a strong foundation of faith. As an international student you will take part in the general program of the School on Mondays through Wednesdays where the teaching in Norwegian will be translated into English. Thursdays and Fridays you will join our Global Leadership specialization. The purpose of the specialization is to give you an opportunity to come to know yourself more, both as a person and as a leader. You will learn how to lead yourself, how to lead teams and about different leadership styles. You will also learn to lead people through others and you will learn about how to lead with a long-term perspective in mind. Together as a class we will try to recognize different potentials and challenges in different cultures. We will try to find that, which we can and wish to translate into our own culture, and try to be creative in finding ways to do so.


The school is for those who want to commit a full year to study with the purpose of growing in personal relationship with God, and in doing ministry and mission internationally.

As soon as we receive the application papers where you confirm that you accept to be a student at the School we will send you a confirmation paper that you are accepted as a student. This will be the confirmation paper that you can use to apply for your student visa.

On the website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) you can find information about how you can apply for visa to attend a Bible School in Norway:

On this website you will find all necessary information about the requirements for the application process. Please make sure that you apply for your visa as soon as possible and the latest the 15th of July, as it takes up to 40 days for a visa to be processed. Also make sure that you meet all the requirements that the UDI asks for before applying.

No, International Students are not granted scolarship or loan from The Loan Fund for attending the school.

More information about the accommodation which the School offers can be found here 

The application deadline is February 1st for the following school year: August-June.


Prices 2023/24

Here you can find an estimate on what the school will cost you.

Registration Fee (non-refundable) 1000,-*
Tuition (NOK. 13500 each semester) 27.000,-*
Total 27.000,-

* This is non-refundable but gets pulled out of the tuition fee

** Living, food and expenses concerning attaining a visa are not included, and there will be some expenses for books that you have to read during the year.