At the moment musicians are having a great impact on the life that is being lead within the Kingdom of God. The songs that we use, and the way that we use them, forms us and in addition they shape the perspectives of people and their views of God.

This is a great privilege. The musicians get to take part in creating a platform where people encounter God! At the same time this comes with a great responsibility.

We can view this as a problem. Or we can look at it as an opportunity.

At Acta School of Worship we see the need to strengthen each musician in their personal abilities, competence and development. We don’t isolate the musical, the spiritual or the human aspects. When these different aspects are working together in harmony, we grow in our ability to serve people with our gifts.

At the School of Worship you will get to be a part of a team that want to grow together and individually – all while being in a dynamic and living church context. Throughout the year you will be invested in and challenged to become a leader in continuous development. Our goal is that with time you will get to become aware of all the different and exciting, but also challenging aspects of worship.

At the School of Worship you will get:

  • Amazing teaching about worship

  • Be a part of an environment that loves worship – and that will still be there when the School ends

  • Practical worship leading based on your personal foundation of experience with coaching

  • To know some of the most skilled people within the sphere of worship in Norway
  • Together with others create and release an album recorded in the IMI Studio

  • Three days a week together with the rest of the Bible School

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